Here at Garden Apex, our goal is to explore ways for people to enjoy their gardens and backyards. Not just through the warmer summer months, but also through the colder winter months.

There are many ways to do this:

  • Create areas for you and your family to eat and play
  • Grow flowers in borders, containers and just about anything that holds soil
  • Grow your own delicious fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse, raised bed or garden area
  • Just relax and the sunshine during summer days with your family, kids and friends
  • Get into garden DIY so you can build yourself a brick barbecue, garden pond or pizza oven
  • Attract and enjoy wildlife such as birds, squirrels and other animals (a great way for your kids to learn about nature)

In the coming months and years, we’re planning on creating content around these topics and more to help people like you enjoy your garden and/or backyard in whatever way that appeals to you.

Thanks for reading and showing an interest in Garden Apex.

Enjoy the site and more importantly, enjoy your garden.

Updated: 10 September 2021