4 Exciting Garden Design Ideas

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It is the time of year when we all try to become enthusiastic about our garden design. It is not always an easy thing to do because looking after that piece of land is a never-ending and often thankless task when we are unable to use it thanks to the unreliable British weather.

Try to imagine for a moment, how you would spend money on your garden if you received a lump sum unexpectedly. The garden probably comes last on a long list, but it shouldn’t. There is much entertainment and pleasure to be found in your backyard if you install some desirable features there.

Here are some exciting features to renovate your garden with this summer.

New Decking

Decking is a fantastic and versatile material that will enhance any garden. It is useful for building platforms on sloping land, or for bringing patios up to the back doors at floor level, so going to sit on the garden furniture is like walking from one room to another. The deck is relatively easy to install compared to other materials and is suitable to take on as an amateur construction project. The platform is usually constructed with timber from trees grown in sustainable forests, but modern composite materials are now in common use. Composite timber has several advantages over real wood.

  • Resistance to mould and fungal infestations
  • Anti-slip properties when wet
  • Does not need annual treatment to protect it
  • Easily washes clean
  • Has a longer lifespan than timber
  • Keeps its looks over time

Are we going to see the demise of timber decking? We will have to wait and see.

Spa pool

Jacuzzis are a very popular garden feature at the moment. They are quite expensive though, and you will pay a few thousand pounds for a basic model. They come as complete units that only need power and water supply to function. Gardens up and down the land are hosting sophisticated parties that finish with a glass of bubbly and a social soak in the tub.

Summer House

Do you enjoy days in the country? Well, take the kids out for the day without leaving home by building a stylish new summer house. Summer houses were once simple structures; little more than fancy garden sheds. Nowadays they are incredible buildings that have all conveniences built into them. Interior designers have worked their magic to make this garden feature into a room good enough to grace any home. Position it so that the main house cannot be viewed from there if possible, to help with the illusion that you are elsewhere. It will also work well as a heated dressing room to use when stepping out of the jacuzzi.

Water Feature

All gardens should have the sound of running water in them. Some people have gone to great lengths to build wild rapids in their garden, and others settle for a simple fountain feature that stands on the patio. The choice is yours.

So now you have imagined what features to install when you land a windfall, go out and buy a lottery ticket. Someone has to win it, and your numbers are as good as any others. you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Featured image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay