7 of the Best Electric Rotary Lawnmowers

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If you’re on the hunt for an electric rotary lawn mower but don’t know which one to buy, check out this page. We’ve looked at some of the best-selling machines on Amazon.co.uk and compiled a list of seven of the best electric rotary lawn mowers.

What is a rotary lawnmower?

Rotary lawnmowers have a single blade underneath the main body of the machine. The blade operates at a very high speed, sits in a horizontal position and is available in various lengths.

Rotary machines cope well with long grass and bumpy lawns. If your lawn is fairly uneven, you should take into consideration the cutting height before you buy a lawnmower. The cutting height refers to the height above the soil the blade cuts into and can vary from 25mm to 75mm. Machines in the UK and other parts of Europe tend to cut shorter than machines in the US.

If you’re looking for a lawnmower that cuts closer to the ground, you’ll need a manual machine like the popular Bosch AHM 38 G (from Amazon).

On this page, we’re only featuring electric-powered rotary lawn mowers, but you can get petrol machines too.

Things to consider before you buy a rotary lawnmower:

  • The weight of the machine
  • Size of the cutting blade
  • Overall power
  • Cutting height
  • Length of the power cable

Let’s take a look at some of the best electric rotary lawnmowers on the market in 2020

1) Bosch Rotak 34R Rotary Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm,...
  • A large-capacity, 40-litre grass box reduces interruptions for emptying
  • Note: Front 2 Wheels are attached to the product and the back 2 wheels can be found in the back cover of the mower
  • Note Comes with double folded handle not the double handle. Wheels included in the grass box

The 1300 W power drive on the Bosch Rotak 34R ensures a reliable cut in long or wet grass. The 34cm cutting diameter is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens (up to 300 sq metres). Just like the 32R machine, this one comes with the grass comb feature (watch the video below for an explanation) which lets you easily cut grass alongside walls and on the lawn and border edges, with neat and tidy results every time.

Video – The Benefits of Grass Combs on Bosch Rotak Lawnmowers

You can adjust the cut height using a single lever to anywhere between 20-70mm.

This product comes with a free two-year guarantee, which can be extended to three years if you register it via the manufacturer’s website within 28 days of purchase.

Main Bosch Rotak 34R Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 11.1kg
  • Motor: 1300 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 34cm

2) Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawnmower

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1500 W, Cutting...
  • The ideal lawnmower for first time home buyers as it cuts medium to large sized gardens
  • Designed to be simple and easy to use with useful carry handle and an easy to remove grass box
  • Choose your ideal cutting height with a choice of five settings between 20 to 60 mm, easily adjustable with a central handle
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear dB(A): 87

Could this be the ideal lawnmower for first-time buyers? It’s designed to be simple and easy to use and is capable of cutting medium to large-sized gardens.

You can adjust the cutting height to anywhere between 20-60mm using a single lever.

The included grassbox collects and compacts the mown grass and holds up to 40L.

The electric cable is 10m long.

Main Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Motor: 1500 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 36cm

3) Flymo Easimo Rotary Lawnmower

Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900 W, Cutting Width 32...
  • Ergonomically designed for simple and easy use in your garden
  • Collects and compacts more grass for less emptying of the 29 L grassbox
  • Lightweight at only 8.3 kg, allowing easy transportation and storage
  • 32 cm metal blade, designed for use on small to medium sized gardens
  • Choice of three cutting heights from 20-60 mm

The Flymo Easimo is a lightweight (8.3 kg), ergonomically designed machine for simple and easy use in your garden. Its portability makes it easy to transport to and from its storage place.

It has a 32cm metal blade which can easily handle small to medium-sized gardens.

There’s a choice of three cutting heights between 20-60mm.

The grassbox collects and compacts the mown grass to a capacity of 29L.

Main Flymo Easimo Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 8.3kg
  • Motor: 900 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 32cm

4) Bosch Advanced Rotak 650 Rotary Lawnmower

BOSCH AdvancedRotak 650 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width...
  • ProSilence: Never be caught out by loud lawnmowers again.
  • Change the cutting height with total ease, the integrated system makes changing the cutting height of your mower easier than ever
  • Mow with less effort but maximum control, the Bosch ergoslide system allows you to manoeuvre your Rotak with ease and achieve your task quickly while being kinder to your back
  • Use your lawnmower to pick up autumn leaves effectively, furthermore, the collapsible grass bag can easily be folded down for storage while delivering an impressive 50 litres of debris collection for...

The ProSilence feature of the Bosch Advanced Rotak 650 lawnmower is its biggest selling point. It reduces the noise created by the machine by up to 75% to 89 dB, without affecting performance.

You can adjust the cutting height to between 20 and 80 mm and the ErgoSlide System allows you to easily manoeuvre around your garden.

The grassbox holds an impressive 50L of mown grass and garden debris.

This machine was awarded the Which? “Best Buy” in the Lawn Mowers category for May 2018.

Main Boasch Advanced Rotak 650 Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 19.2kg
  • Motor: N/A
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 41cm

5) Flymo Visimo Rotary Lawnmower

Flymo Visimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1200 W, Cutting Width...
  • Rear roller for lawn stripes and cutting over edges
  • Vision window to show when the grass box is full
  • Manual cutting height adjustment
  • 29 L collector volume
  • 1200 watt power supply

The Flymo Visimo comes with a rear roller so you can create those lovely striped lawns we’re so fond of in the UK. It has a 32 cm metal blade and a see-through vision window so you can see when the 29 L grass box is full.

Another neat feature is the edging comb, which works like the Bosch grass comb, and lets you cut close to walls and fences.

The height adjuster lets you switch between 20-60 mm cutting heights.

How long is the cable? 10 metres.

Main Flymo Visimo Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 10.3kg
  • Motor: 1200 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 32cm

6) Einhell GE-EM 1233 Rotary Lawnmower

Einhell GE-EM 1233 Electric Lawnmower -- 33cm Cutting Width, 30L...
  • Powerful 1250 W carbon powered motor
  • 5 x central cutting height settings (20-60 mm)
  • Wide wheel system for increased handling and protecting the lawn
  • Edge cutting system for effective grass cutting against walls
  • Integrated carry-handle for easy transport

The Einhell GE-EM 1233 differs from most of the other lawn mowers listed here because it offers five different cutting heights between 20-60 mm. It’s a wide wheel system for protecting your lawn and it runs on a powerful 1250 W carbon-powered motor.

It also has an edge-cutting system so you can cut along walls and an integrated carry handle for easy transportation.

The grass box holds up to 30L of mown grass and the machine can easily handle lawns up to 300 sq metres.

Main Einhell GE-EM 1233 Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 11.1kg
  • Motor: 1250 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 33cm

7) Black & Decker Edge Max

BLACK+DECKER 1200W Edge-Max Lawn Mower with 32 cm Cut/ 35 L Box
  • E-Drive: high torque, high performance cutting system - stall free cutting of tall and damp grass
  • Optimised 35 L grass box collects more grass for less time spent emptying
  • Bag full window: know when the grass box needs emptying
  • Quick release cable storage to keep the cable tidy
  • EdgeMax: closest edge cutting

The Black+Decker 1200 W Edge-Max Lawn Mower has high torque and a high-performance cutting system making it an ideal machine for dealing with tall and damp grass.

The grass box holds up to 35L and there’s a ‘bag full’ window so you know when it needs emptying.

The cutting blade is 32 cm and it cuts at three different heights: 20 mm, 40 mm and 60 mm.

Main Black & Decker Edge Max Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Motor: 1200 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Cutting width: 32cm

7) Bosch Rotak 32R

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower - Ideal for Small and...
  • The Rotak 32 lawnmower is ideal for small and mid-sized gardens, height of cut 20 – 60 mm
  • Thanks to its grass comb, the Rotak 32 cuts effortlessly along walls, flower beds and lawn edges
  • Weighing just 6.8 kg, it is easy to steer around obstacles and transport. Handle type: Standard
  • Also suitable for tall grass thanks to its hardened steel blade and powerful 1200 W motor
  • Items included: Rotak 32, 31-litre grass box, cardboard box (3165140557450)

The Bosch Rotak 32 rotary lawnmower is ideal for small to mid-sized gardens. This model includes a feature called a grass comb (the red section just behind the front wheel in the picture), which is useful for cutting the annoying tufts of grass you find alongside walls and on the lawn and border edges. Watch the video above for a full explanation.

It weighs 6.8kg so it’s easy to steer around obstacles and carry to and from its storage place.

This product comes with a free two-year guarantee, which can be extended to three years if you register it via the manufacturer’s website within 28 days of purchase.

Main Bosch Rotak 32R Rotary Lawnmower Specifications

  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • Motor: 1200 W
  • Power: Electric
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Cutting width: 32cm

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